Hellinger and Sheldrake


One of the greatest revelations of my life was when I realized that my tiny life was embedded into a greater whole. It is a great gift of humans that we have a strong desire towards Order. We would like to have order inside and around us. But what type of order? As Bert Hellinger simply put it, it is the order of love. The soul will have effects through love. Love and truth are beautiful words, bt they can obstruct the real nature of seeing before us. When the natural order is upset - and all order is upset time to time, since we aren't perfect beings -, love will choose ways to manifest beyond our personal capacity. We get lost in the pits of the hell of our own soul, and forget who we are. Perhaps it is easiest to demonstrate the fundamentals of systems theory with a metaphor. It is like tiles in a domino game. When you remove a single tile, none of them will be in its rightful place: they must move into another formation, a new sequence must be established so that the empty space is filled out by another tile. Since the system disallows for even a single member to be missing, something will stand in its place. Fromk here on the analogy falters, as the world of objects differs from the miracle of organic life which always renews itself. Human souls are formed in infinite variations by the unconscious in the name of love and belonging together. Explained in a simpler way, each family has sequences of patterns repeated, and their variations. That is the design within which you are born, which you will follow until you recognize that it could be another way, since you aren't obliged to follow the patterns of your past. Despite all that, respect towards ancestors is one of our main resources. When a healthy pattern is upset, you can find your way back towards the original beauty in the constellation space. There are many ways this space can be called from several angles. The space of the collective, the unconscious of the family, the morphogenetic field, the all-knowing field, a deeper reality. Synchornicities are frequently experienced in this space: British biologist Rupert Sheldrake founded the theory of morphogenetic fields, almost at the same time when Bert Hellinger realized the true dynamics of the space of the unconscious of family. This parallel is all the more interesting since this is how the method of constellation can approach towards more completeness and wholeness. Hellinger was originally a priest, while Sheldrake was a biologist. Hellinger later said he became a philosopher. Within philosophy, he said he followed phenomenology, which means in everyday words that you observe phenomena, you perceive and read through the phenomena instead of generating theories, you rather rely upon your observations and your own experience in healing. That way has since expanded to include infinite variations, and the holographic space of the morphogenetic field is joining giant universes on an ongoing basis.