Cranio-Sacral method

The name of this method comes from the Latin word for skull (cranium), while sacrum refers to your sacral bone. Spinal fluid is produced between these two and it streams continually. That surrounds your entire body, two-third of which consists of water, therefore your system circulate liquid held together by the network of fascia. Already ancient Indians were referring to a refined pulsation of the spinal liquid. I can apply my attention to follow its strength, vibration, and waves. Soft touch alternates with more powerful movements, tense and relaxed muscle tones are in interrelationship. That is how you can experience the renewal affecting you down to the level of your cells, together with a well-rested feeling, the stability and ease of your body.

Yoga means unity, oneness. That is the starting point of the spirit of the cranio-sacral method, and it proceeds through the flow of life. Both work with your body as sensory reality. When pain appears, we get a message from the soul, referring to where it would like some attention, where it would need some space in the state of constricted space.

When you breathe, your whole being is breathing, though you may not be aware of it. When you move your body and make an effort, you will feel your muscles, your bones, your joints, your body becomes warmer, you may sweat and relax. There are times when tensions are harder to release in relaxation, and then I will help the process with a "cranio style" touch. 

Anna is a person with extremely good social skills, deep empathy, eager to learn lifelong, and open to sharing ideas. She has the ability to see the God in you.