Inner Harmony

I feel in harmony with all the systems of healing and therapy which look at the whole at first, but which is also present in the details, connecting the levels from the personal to the general. Such a system is homeopathy, NLP, Transactional Analysis, psychodrama, Bach flower therapy, kinesiology, Gestalt psychology, cranio-sacral therapy and others. It is best to utilize these systems neatly, supporting one another, like pillars alongside each another, which all support the base upon which you can build something. 

It is best to bring only those changes into the constellation situation which are inherently in the structure you are modeling.

"Eternity is calling you!
Wake up, do not slumber any more!
Life is a dream,
which started yesterday;
it will end tomorrow.
Get up!
Wake up!
Do not slumber any more!"
(Selva Raja Yesudian)

Why is pain so large that it must always be covered by other feelings and you cannot bear it? What is the reason why feelings press your soul with such a weight? What is it that hurts so much? It is the weight of life. When it suddenly turns out life is important and death is important. That life becomes really important when we are born and when we die. The interim period is transitional. And wavering. Sometimes you arrive in the present - then you cry or laugh. When you have already found your peace, anything is possible. Until then, you go round and round, and bring decisions about which way to go, with whom and where. Naturally, you won't forget through what and how. You remember what it was like when you brought a different decision and you still got where you wanted to go.

Being truly connected...